Firewall: Zero Hour – One of The Best Shooters of The Generation Video Impression

Ultimately, Firewall Zero Hour is the most intense and realistic shooter I have played, period! While Firewall borrows heavily from Rainbow Six Siege as a more simplified version of Ubisoft’s e-sport phenomenon, the VR factor makes Firewall Zero Hour a serious game changer.

The potential here is through the roof as developer First Contact Entertainment has truly reinvigorated the shooter genre with arguably some of the most intense tactical FPS standoffs the likes of only Rainbow Six: Siege has provided in recent years.

If you own a PS4, are a shooter fan and have been on the fence about purchasing the PlayStation VR, now would be an excellent time to make the investment. While there are a variety of impressive VR games such Resident Evil 7, Moss, The Persistence, Farpoint, Gran Turismo Sport, Superhot, DOOM VFR, as well as many others, including upcoming head-turners like StarChid and Ace Combat 7, on its own Firewall: Zero Hour is a legitimate PSVR system seller.

For more on Firewall: Zero Hour read our full written review.

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