Air Missions: HIND for PS4 Has Hit Retail in the UK, US to Follow October 9

The physical version of the intense helicopter action combat flight simulator Air Missions: HIND has lifted off for the PS4 and is now available in stores around Europe. Air Missions: HIND is expected to launch in the US on October 9.

In Air Missions: HIND players can dominate the skies in 4 realistic assault helicopters, among which the iconic Mi-24 Hind. Professionally piloting through fictional missions, the aim of the game is to successfully complete objectives such as eliminating specific targets or taking down hostile helicopters, with a wide range of weaponry.

In addition to the singleplayer campaign missions, Air Missions: HIND offers singleplayer training flights, Instant Mission and Instant Action modes. Waging war together is possible as well with the (online) co-op campaign and co-op Instant Missions. To complete the turmoil, the game includes an online multiplayer which enlists fighter pilots in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Soar through the sky in an Mi-24 Hind assault heli, a.k.a. ‘the Flying Tank’

Fight in Singleplayer and Multiplayer – Deathmatch, Instant Action & Online Co-op

Hover over Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Arctic Ocean & Southeast Asia

Equip devastating weapons and missiles, such as GUV gun pods and FAB bombs

Master your aircraft with three different helicopter control difficulty levels

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