NGD Studios To Publish New DOOM-Like Shooter HELLBOUND

NGD Studios has announced it will publish independent developer Saibot Studios’ Hellbound. A demonic first-person shooter inspired by ‘90s classics like Quake and DOOM, Hellbound is all about relentless action, fast-paced thrills and brutal gore, combining old-school gameplay with modern-day design and visuals.

“We’ve been the little guy ourselves, so our approach to publishing is a little bit different,” said NGD Studios CEO Martin Cao. “We see ourselves more like a co-developer, with some of the region’s most talented programmers, artists, designers and more available in house to help where we’re most needed and bring our partners the best results. And working with other gamemakers helps further our own self-publishing capabilities, as well.”

With over 16 years of experience developing and publishing games of its own, this marks NGD’s first time publishing another studio’s IP. The partnership will fuel development of Hellbound to its true potential – including a full-fledged single-player campaign – when it officially launches in 2019 on Windows PC.

“Working with NGD will catapult development of Hellbound to the next level, allowing us to create the game we always envisioned,” said Tobias Rusjan, director at Saibot Studios. “Both our teams have really matured in the last few years, and thanks to the trust we share, I’m sure we’ll create a new classic that fans of ‘90s action games will love.”

“Hellbound is a great fit for our publishing strategy: an ambitious game with lots of potential in a genre we love,” said NGD Studios co-founder and CCO Andrés Chilkowski. “Tobias got his first start in the industry right here with us at NGD before finding success with his own independent studio, so it feels like we’ve come full circle with this new step forward.”

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