More PS3 Classics Going Offline

Ever shifting their server priorities, it now looks like Sony will be closing servers for PS3 greats such as Twisted Metal, Warhawk and PlayStation All-Stars, on October 25th. 

With a little over ten years on the market, Warhawk is an online only game which means the game will be unplayable without an offline mode. So, a farewell is in order for an impressive classic PS3 title. For PS3 users still playing PlayStation All-Stars and Twisted Metal are better off as both games maintain an offline mode for continued play.

While Twisted Metal is currently available via PlayStation Now, I have not seen PlayStation All-Stars on the service, however that could just be oversight. If not, Sony my want to consider bringing the team-based fighting to PSNow as a Netflix-like streaming experience.

Thanks, Siliconera


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