Which Fortnite Heroes Should You Play?

Before the official release of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games launched a free-to-play mode, Save the World. Although the gameplay can be challenging to learn, the game serves all new beginners and gamers with good practice on many heroes. With the concept of player vs enemy, it is your mission to defend your team from the zombies which are the result of the apocalyptic storm.


There are many characters with different strengths and weaknesses that can reflect your personality. These traits could make you like a hero more than others which you may want to try out later on as you progress. The more champions you play brings on the creative strategies you can implement in the battle to survive the war against the Husks.

Once you gain the competitive experience, you can move on to play the popular Battle Royale mode against famous gamers like Ninja. Once you gain the experience, you could achieve personal records in your gaming career, while topping the leaderboards. Now that Epic Games have announced there will be tournaments in Fortnite, many esports sites around the world are offering the possibility of betting on Fortnite.

Getting to know the different heroes and their many powerful abilities could take some time so a quick overview below will help you out.

Fortnite Soldier

If you like shooting in the Counter-Strike game, then the Soldiers in Fortnite are the best hero types you can handle. As a beginner, playing the Soldier is your best option to understand how the game works. The characters inspired by their determination are there to support their squad with persistent firepower with increased accurate shots using weapons such as assault and sniper rifles.

Being the first line of defence, the Soldiers are versatile and quite skilled in long and short range combat. On top of this, they have the skills to set up grenades, mines and build simple forts for defence and attack against the incoming zombies and enemies.


The Soldier’s primary goal is shooting most of the time, so a knack for a precise aim is a part of the game. Urban Assault is the best choice of heroes to take control of various situations on the battlefield as well as dealing damage. The Headhunter can take control of the situation with left and right pistols with the ability to increase the reload speed to fire faster. Add to this, the steady aim for precise headshots and brings on Grenade Damage blowing up crowds of Husks in the vicinity. Once you improve on your gaming skills you can compete in tournaments with the possibility that gaming fans can place their bets on Fortnite.

Fortnite Outlander

If you love a good treasure hunt, tracking down where the gold mine lies or perhaps you have a knack for collecting all the supplies to make things, then the Outlander heroes are your perfect choice. These characters are not adapted to fight and so can be very tricky to play unless you know your way around, escaping all the action for your survival.


Outlanders are at their best, moving faster to find treasure chests and loot using their ability of keener eyes in efficient time. These kinds of heroes can help your team with collecting building materials for the defensive forts and create bombs.

If you plan your way around the Fortnite map carefully in search of resources, the Outlander can plant TEDDY sentry turrets along the way in defence of battling against the Husk zombies. Exploration of the map for valuable loot, makes these characters the best for uncovering the hidden secrets within the game.

If gathering handy resources and exploring your surroundings is one of your characteristics, then the Outlander Pathfinder Jess is the best hero for you to play in Fortnite. Jess is quite speedy at tracking things with her powerful skills of Focused Acquisition, Keener Vision and Loot Llama. Pathfinder Jess can craft a deadly bomb in robotic teddy bears, planting them in the most unexpected of places to destroy incoming Husks nearby.

Fortnite Constructor

The best architects to build defensive fortifications is the Constructor type of hero, the basic abilities that make the Fortnite game. This role plays an integral part in building, repairing forts and strong resistance against crowds of zombies.

The Constructor characters give you the upper hand over others in-game, saving you money for building materials for upgrading and strengthening your defences. Aside from building, your hero can use guns and other weapons to help support your team by killing your enemies and prevent them from destroying your base.


If Architecture and building strong defences is more your thing, then Constructors might be the heroes that are most suited to your gameplay. The best character for you to play would be MEGABASE Kyle for the B.A.S.E. (Basic Automated Sentinel Edifice) ability to enhance and increase strength in the surrounding architecture. The creative engineering and fast build capabilities help speed up construction and setting up traps like the Electrified Floors that electrocute trespassers, one of the best defence mechanisms.

Fortnite Ninja

Ninjas are very agile heroes that are best suited for close range combat. They could run up to zombies with no fear in their eyes, slaying them with their sharp blades or swords. These short-range fighting tactics that Ninjas possess can make it difficult for you to master quickly in-game. Add to this the Ninja heroes may not be suited for every player. If you play too aggressive, you could find yourself surrounded by enemies from all angles and only gaming experience can help you tackle such a situation.


There was a time when Ninjas used swords only, however, to survive they had to use guns to adapt to the modern age. As a Ninja, you have a choice of weapons like shotguns, swords, a rocket launcher, assault rifles, and blades to take out your enemies swiftly.

If you like to play with a combination of swords and guns, then your best Ninja hero is Dragon. This character can slay zombies in a single Dragon Slash of the legendary blade which inflicts a lot of damage. This skill can be quite useful if your enemies are closing in, surrounding you. With a continuous spin, pointing the sword out to your opponents, you can kill as many as fifty across the battlefield. The Dragon’s capabilities also include the Mantis leap while jumping and the Bloody Bull, charging towards your targets to deal 30% extra damage per second. Add to these, other great weapons that you could use are throwing stars and smoke bombs.

Now that you know the four different classes of heroes, your choice which character to play will be easier for you to pick according to your playstyle. You can also learn from professional gamers who compete in online tournaments, understanding and learning the new battle strategies could help guide you as well as others to place the best bets on Fortnite.

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