The Persistence: Free New PSVR Update Arriving Next Week

Developer Firesprite Games has been working hard to add some new features to The Persistence, their Dead Space meets Dark Souls rogue-like VR thriller, which has been turning quite a few heads. In fact, though we are late to The Persistence party, we are currently in the middle of our review process of the full experience and we are loving it!

The new feature and updates incoming will be released in a free update, available on October 18th. The update includes 4 new game modes, new accessibility features, and some performance improvements.

New Game Mode
In addition to the main Campaign, and Survival Mode where you are challenged to play through Campaign again using only 10 clones. The new modes add some additional variety to the game.

A new challenge mode, which proved really popular at EGX last month, where it was first shown. The player must make their way through 24 increasingly difficult rooms to get to an escape pod at the far end of the Deck. They select a gun at the start of each attempt, which comes with infinite ammo – however the player only has 1 hit point, and there are no health pickups! Each time they enter a room the doors lock and the mutants attack. The game is against the clock, how quickly can they get to the escape pod?

First Blood is a stealth based challenge where the player must make their way through another huge procedurally generated deck to the escape pod. Only equipped with a Peacekeeper knife, can you sneak your way through to the escape pod?

In Campaign+ the player begins with all the gear and upgrades from their previous Campaign playthrough, but they are now faced with a hardcore difficulty mode. The rules of the game have been tweaked, the player no longer has SuperSense, and a Bloodhound pursues the player from the start. There are new character upgrade levels, and ‘Platinum’ rarity gear items to give the player a fighting chance.


Is it possible to complete The Persistence in a single life? In this mode once the player dies, that’s it. In order to allow the player to upgrade their character, the Deck Porters in this mode allow them to travel between all Decks, and Recovery, to quickly upgrade and buy gear.

Accessibility Features
The Persistence was always designed to be a tough challenge, but Firesprite also strongly believe that games should be fun and inclusive for players of different skill levels, and for those players with disabilities. To support this, the new update includes a comprehensive suite of accessibility features. You can view a video of these on the Firesprite YouTube channel.

Assist Mode
Assist Mode can be turned on in the Pause Menu at any time, in any mode or playthrough. It allows the player to fine tune the game’s difficulty to help get through parts of the game that are proving too challenging.
Game speed – Slows down the game speed to assist players with less ability to react quickly.
Damage  – Reduce the damage taken to help survive longer.
Infinite teleport – Get around more quickly with less reliance on the Sticks.
Infinite ammo Ideal for players with less ability to aim with their head.
All enemies – ‘tagged’ See enemies through walls at all times, to reduce the need for quick reactions.
Auto shield – Automatically deploy the shield reducing the need for fast twitch reactions.

Assistance for the Hearing Impaired Gamers
For hearing impaired gamers there are several features to make the game more inclusive, most notably, the visual representation of key audio events. A lot of the strategy in The Persistence comes from hearing where the danger is and reacting to it, displaying this information on screen makes that vital communication available to all players.

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