Revelation Online: Free Expansion Adds Standalone 5v5 MOBA Game Mode

After adding the fully redesigned capital city “New Sulan”, in the namesake expansion released in September, global publisher now releases “Mythical Conflict” for the MMORPG – Revelation Online. The new expansion focuses on a brand-new standalone MOBA game mode.

Players heading into the 5v5 competitive mode won’t be playing with their own character, but instead play as one of Revelation’s selectable iconic NPC heroes. Supported by waves of minions, players must advance together to destroy the enemy team’s crystal. The map is dominated by three lanes and a jungle area where players must hunt monsters, and one another, for gold and experience to level up in the match.

Traditional to the MOBA genre, the key to victory is to play to the strengths of the heroes, both individually and together as a team. Unique to Revelation Online’s new mode will be the characters themselves, all of whom have become legendary in the game through lore and backstory. Rewards will be glorious, but to obtain them, players must remember that cooperation is the deadliest weapon in competitive team games.

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