World War 3 Receives Huge Update with New Team Deathmatch Mode

Developer The Farm 51 ha announced that World War 3 is set to receive a major update adding new content, including a Team Deathmatch game mode, along with many fixes and improvements to the playing experience. They have taken the community feedback to heart and are focused on implementing fixes to the issues players have raised.

So far, they have implemented several patches which stabilized the servers, balanced the gameplay, and resolved many issues players have experienced. Going ahead, this will continue to be The Farm 51’s focus in their roadmap.

World War 3 – Team Deathmatch

The November Update 0.2 presents a new unique Team Deathmatch mode – two teams (10 vs 10) compete in rounds of fast-paced close quarters combat within the Warsaw shopping mall map with two time scenarios of day and night. Apart from that, players will be given new content to try out in battle:

– New German vehicle – IFV Boxer
– New Polish MSBS BP assault rifle
– New Russian Guerilla uniform
– Additional customization items to make your soldier look even better than before.
– New language version – Polish. More languages coming soon.

The patch also addresses many of the most common problems and implements the following fixes:

– Better performance
– New spawn system in TDM
– Load time reduction
– New master servers
– New authentication system
– New progression system

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