VGA’s All The Video World Premieres in One Place

With this years VGA’s offering up some impressive world premiere trailers, as well as some exciting winners among this year crowded list of nominees, some new trailer or two.

So, we decided to list all off the great gameplay and cinematic trailers from last nights show all in one place. Enjoy! 

Journey to the Savage Planet Reveal
Psychonauts 2 Reveal
Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal
The Pathless Reveal
ANTHEM: New Cinematic Story Trailer
Far Cry New Dawn Reveal
The Outer Worlds Reveal
Devil May Cry 5 New Story Gameplay Trailer
RAGE 2 Open World Gameplay Trailer
Scavengers Reveal
CTR Crash Team Racing Reveal
Ancestors: he Human Odyssey Reveal
Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises Reveal

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