Developer Reveals The Artistic Process Going into Population Zero

Developer Endplex Games today updated us on their upcoming MMORPG, Population Zero. As the devs point out, Population Zero was initially unveiled back before Christmas, and after the long holidays the team is back on their grind to make Population Zero one of the year’s best online games.

A big part of the teams passion for the world of Kepler is that they are designing it from the ground up, both in terms of its flora and its fauna. In the below video, they highlight the design process behind the games unique vision, and how their team has come to make such creatures as the gloriously cute Yutts.

Want to gain access to the games Pre-Alpha test, be sure to register HERE

In Population Zero you are one of the colonists from the lost ship. Together with hundreds of other players, you will find yourself on the surface of an unknown and mysterious planet. You will explore new territories in search of traces of ancient civilizations and amazing places. Searching for clues, you’ll find out lore about the past, present, and even the future of the planet you now call your home.

Studying the world that opens in front of your eyes, you will plunge into the atmospheric whirlpool of events, as if descended from the pages of a classic sci-fi novel. Exploration is a key component for the players.

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