Hyper Jam Review: Intense and Fun Gameplay Action

With an easy to understand traversal/aim learning curve, atop a cleverly designed combat system, Hyper Jam waste no time becoming an enticing top-down competitive arena3rd person shooter. Hyper Jam is a satisfying reason to get your buds together for an entertaining good time establishing bragging rights. However what sets it apart is how the game empowers the player, despite its straightforward composition.

Dropped into a meat grinder arena setting and Hyper Jam quickly becomes a game of critical movement seamlessly integrated with leveraging your chosen weapon, as well as the optional tools of destruction which randomly litter the playing field.

With each game starting off the same, within a variety of maps, unfortunately characters are simply skins with no unique attributes, so each character basically plays the same. What actually separates the players from one another aside from their skin are the weapons and how they distinctly deal punishing damage.

All-out Action

Interestingly, with today’s playing field of games offering hero characters with distinct powers and abilities, initially I thought this was a missed opportunity for a game of this style and arrangement. Yet, after a few hours mastering the controls and particular map designs, and strategically selecting between the vast assortment of character perk enhancements, it was no longer a concern. The players style of engagement is dynamically augmented with each new match and with success you will feel uniquely powerful.

While the characters may lack exclusive abilities by default, the gameplay is supported by a collection of varied maps, all of which offering a competitive edge in your favor and your demise. Too much concentrating on re-positioning yourself for that killing blow and you may forget about the speedy train, or lets not forget about the intimidating hole that rotates throughout the match, which must be avoided. While there are several instance in this fashion, how you engage your enemy within these map variations is key. The objective here is to outlast the other opponents as long as possible, by doing so players acquire more points.

Keeping matters on an even playing field, the perk system here is great, establishing each character with their own specialties for each match. These perks are introduced to players at the conclusion of a match, with such skills as Overdrive which increase a players attack speed, Turbo Dash which decreases dash cooldown, Vampirism which by dealing damage heals the player, Survivor which allows players to survive fatal attacks. There are also other perks such as Blood Rage, Predator, Cryogenesis, Cyberheart, Mindcrush including many others. If you are the player in last place of the previous match, the game allows you to choose from the list of perks first, in order to give you a fighting chance on the next go around.

In addition, perks have levels and can be multiplied or stacked to any character, adding to your characters overall dexterity. The gameplay design adds an attractive method of strategy to the experience. This method of character progression essentially allows players to tailor their characters abilities according to the advantages and disadvantageous of the opponents characters perks, and how these abilities are appropriated is the difference between victory and death.

Perk System

When it comes to weapons players can start off with a katana, rocket launcher, hammer or a trusty bow. Each weapon obviously promotes a different approach, yet thankfully the balancing act here is leveled. The hammer can be punishing while the katana is swift and deadly, the choice is up to you. The more I played the more my weapon selection was dictated by the map and opponent, as every weapons feels extremely useful. What is currently on tap within this limited weapon selection is quite satisfying, however the inclusion of a larger selection of weapons would certainly add to the fun factor.

Hyper Jam offers fast and furious gameplay in both local and online play with truly satisfying gameplay. Sure, the learning curve of the movement took awhile getting used to, however once you become confident and efficient with the games play style, Hyper Jam can be hard to put down.

At the moment Hyper Jam, despite its singular game mode and weapon selection is a super great time. When you’re having this much fun it is certainly hard to complain, yet, after a week of pouring in hours of gameplay, things are sort of becoming repetitive. Here’s hoping developer Bit Dragon manages to boost the experience with new maps, modes, weapons and perks.

Hyper Jam is a blast!

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