Project Winter Development Roadmap Detailed with Influencer Reception Trailer

Project Winter, from developers Other Ocean, has seen the demise of many a survivor and traitor in the last two weeks since launching into Steam Early Access. Many of the best betrayals were caught on camera in a new gameplay video featuring some of the world’s top gaming influencers!

After a busy launch into Early Access, Other Ocean has no plans to slow down. They have released a Project Winter roadmap which details their plans for the game during Early Access and beyond. Here are a few of the upgrades and improvements coming to Project Winter in the coming months:

In-Game Upgrades

  • Host your own lobbies, with the option of password protecting them for private sessions with friends. See what the primary language of a lobby is and join the one you prefer.
  • New maps with more varied objectives and chances to sabotage!
  • New cosmetics and event-based progression trees
  • More varied weapons like a silent crossbow and automatic rifles
  • Nvidia Highlights to capture those traitorous moments
  • + More

Survivor Upgrades

  • A rare truth serum that will privately reveal another player’s role to the user
  • Items like energy drinks can be found and used to give players extra health, warmth or hunger stats, allowing them to stay out and survive longer
  • When few survivors remain, they will receive a special airdrop that can’t be accessed by traitors, giving them a chance to repair the objectives on their own or go out in a blaze of glory
  • + More

Traitor Upgrades

  • Swap outfits with a corpse and confuse your enemies!
  • Traitors will be able to see the traps placed by their comrade
  • New traitor airdrop abilities (ex: reveal the survivor’s health bars above their heads)
  • Traitors will have an expanded arsenal of unique contextual actions for interfering with the survivors, enabling them to better slow the survivors down at the risk of being identified
  • + More

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