Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Free Update Stalker Trials and Demo Now Available

We asked for it and here it is: Free update on PC allows for infinitely replayable maps and leaderboards to compete with friends. But what about us console gamers you ask, well the Bearded Ladies will be scratching our console itch with this update soon.

In the meantime, the demo version is now also available on PC, where gamers can explore the early levels of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden before making the plunge. Trust us, the game rocks! Be sure to read our full written review. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is now available for digital download on the PlayStation 4 in Japan and Korea.

More on the Free Update

The most requested feature from players after release has been replayable gameplay, and the free update aims to introduce exactly that. Stalker Trials brings with a challenge mode that allows players to take on new challenges in the zone, racking up points based on skill and performance, and competing with friends and strangers on leaderboards while also unlocking more powerful weapons and items.

The Stalker Trials give access to all characters, with all mutations and skills unlocked, but you will have to buy and upgrade your weapons and armor before heading out. Once you’re satisfied with your loadout you can journey into the Zone and link up with Pripp, the bartender. He’s the brains behind the Stalker Trials, and will score you on your progress as you fight your way through an area. Your rewards will be more powerful items and equipment. Your progress will be noted down on the in-game leaderboards and the weekly and all-time top Stalkers will have an NPC named after them for other players to take down. Pripp will also reward you with extra points if you clear a map in certain ways.

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