Dick Wilde 2 Review: A Hillbilly Good Time Shooting on The River

Today, the landscape of VR titles on offer showcase a progressive and steady pace of interactive experiences, which are becoming ever more worthy of the broad stroke praise many triple A’s games generate. However, while many of these games can take themselves quite serious, it does become a refreshing reminder that fun factor must be at the heart of any game, and the latest Dick Wilde 2 supports this fact.

Having never played the original game in the series, Dick Wilde 2 was my first take at the hillbilly VR FPS. Reminiscent of classic arcade shooters, Dick Wilde 2 thankfully supports both the move and AIM controllers for high precision accuracy for a great time. Despite this being my first introduction to the perils of Dick Wilde and his zany adventure to rid the waters of the pesky radioactive creatures, developer Bolver Games seemingly throws the complete kitchen sink at players in both solo and coop modes.

Like the more well implemented VR experiences which fully immerse the player, Dick Wilde 2 nails the believable player involvement of the world. Everything actually feels organic unto the player, allowing the game to feel like second nature.

Interestingly, many VR games have a difficult time pulling this off, however not here, despite its candor. The shooting trials of Dick Wilde 2 are stapled throughout the presentation, even from the beginning players are the ultimate country bumpkin chilling out while fishing, taking in the sights, drinking a beer with what can be described as a hot dog shooter. And yes, you can literally shoot everything in your surrounding area and you will enjoy it. This becomes your first guide to tightening up on the games shooting mechanics before going out to face more challenging threats.

The UI is pretty straightforward offering either solo or PvE multiplayer options, with each mode progressively introducing players to distinct locales becoming more challenging. Playing with or without friend, the experience is fun! Unfortunately, while I could not play with other PS4 users in coop mode, I did manage to find coop assistance via cross-platform with the likes of users on Oculus for a great time.

This was a first for me while playing on PSVR and it was quite entertaining. Impressively, while playing cooperatively the balancing act of the shooting challenge felt well balanced as the difficulty was naturally heightened when playing with a friend. Playing with friends, while the game does manage to throw more curve balls your way, the challenge here is far from brutal. In fact, you and a friend if you have the time could certainly blow through the full campaign on one sitting, if you both were determined to complete the entire joyride of destroying the aggressive water life.

Obviously, playing in solo mode offered a more challenging affair and for a game like Dick Wilde 2, it seemed as though the more challenging the experience the better. And what is a hick shooter without an assortment of cool firearms to spice up the deal. Playing solo also gave more appreciation to the weapon selection options.

While the weapon selection felt somewhat slim supported by a shotgun, pistol, energy gun and automatic, upgrades certainly enhanced the weapon characteristics, giving them their own identity and feel. While playing Dick Wilde 2, despite the weapons on tap, I never felt limited on resources as weapon additives kept me feeling powerful.

My entire playthrough was experienced with the PS Move, which felt perfect and accurate, especially when dual-wielding. If there was anything to complain about it might be associated with the games unwillingness to innovate the genre ever so slightly. Dick Wilde 2 plays it almost too safe while managing to leave a smile on my face. Regardless, I had a blast playing Dick Wilde 2!

Straightforward, with enough options to bring you back a few more times even after completing the ride, Dick Wilde 2 delivers a good time taming the wilds of the lake.

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