World War Z Sells Over 1 Million Copies in the First Week

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has announced that World War Z, the action-packed co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film, has sold more than 1 million units since it launched last week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine, World War Z unleashes hundreds of fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies able to move and strike as one collective herd as well as break off into individual attackers at a time on players. Choose from six distinct classes and an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives, turrets and traps.

Outlive the dead through intense four-player co-op campaign missions around the world, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo, and battle both zombies and real human opponents in competitive, team-based Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer.

Saber Interactive has also updated us that there are future updates with new content and improvements planned for the fast-paced co-op shooter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Our full written review will be published soon.

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