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  • I was wondering if you could have the magazine in a print format as well, for an additional charge. I’d like to preserve my issues of Game Insider, and I can not wait to see what is in store!

  • Hermes Maldonado

    Just wanted to say that the new website looks great. It flows better and the page loads faster. Congrats on the magazine as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Andre Broadie

    Derek I am blow away with GameInsider so far, this is a AAA title website & digital magazine with eyes on the prize coming to print. It is a blessing for us to hook up again after all this time. Let me just say I will be more than honored to be a part of your team to take your vision to the next level.

    AKA Dreghost “The Game Aficionado”

  • Im impressed with the magazine 56 pages kickass!

    You should hook me up with a subscription!

    Is Troy Warriors of Legend going to be good or no?

    You should really put that magazine banner higher up on the page and make showing the preview and calling out the fact that an issue is 56 pages long a priority!

  • Farhan Habib

    Hey Derrick, love the website. I’m amazed at how informative it is and love the layout too. Are u going add any links to trailers and game websites, or links to modifying like your controller to the site? When is the next magazine coming out? Can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work. Its also very funny to see people still type your name wrong even though its typed correctly on the side. LOL

  • Hey Farhan how’s it going? Thanks for the praise, it’s much appreciated. We’re working pretty hard to keep our readers informed. As far as links and other websites our primary focus is our gaming readers, hardcore and casual worldwide, again with an obligation of offering the most up to date content as well as offering the most comprehensive gaming magazine we can. We certainly applaud other sites and their efforts and if there is a gaming relationship to be established we are open to considerations. As far as trailers, our publishing partners it seems never tire of getting us their latest trailer updates, so yes we quite regularly post video game trailers across the site. Be sure to head over to the home page and in the video section you should be quite entertained. Our next issue of GameInsider will headed your way early May, shortly after our team is headed to E3. Farhan thanks again, I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Hunter13Zero

    I was hoping to be able to ask you some general questions about your job. Is there any way I can e-mail you, or you e-mail me?

  • Sure, you can email me personally @

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