Game Insider Digital now free and available on any device

Read Game Insider on the go and enjoy video, audio and more with your interactive reading experience!

Technology is changing the way we communicate. Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are entering the market and new forms of multimedia are all over the web. Game Insider is on top of the trends and has released its digital edition, a completely enhanced experience for reading our content everywhere.

You will now be able to access content on your desktop computer and on the most popular devices in the market, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry Playbook and Torch. No matter the platform, you can now view and enjoy Game Insider everywhere. You’ll simply head to our dedicated publication Game Insider Digital and our system will automatically display a unique and enhanced interface.

Here’s a list of the slick and attractive features that we’ve just incorporated:

Navigation. Accessing and navigating content is easier than ever. Just scroll through pages using arrows or by clicking on thumbnails at the bottom of our digital edition. Search for text containing specific keywords or pick sections on the table of contents.

Links. You’ll also notice that there are links embedded right in your favorite articles. Use them to access extended versions, view a related page or simply contact email addresses without leaving our pages.

Video and audio. You’ll now have a 360° point of view of our content. It’s not just text, we’re now adding audio and video. Just look for the multimedia players right next to some of the stories and enjoy!

Get Social! If you look at the left side of our digital edition, you’ll find a box with Game Insider’s social networks. That’s right, you’ll be able to check our Facebook page or maybe get Twitter updates as you go through the content.

Do you want to share a page with your friends? Our flipbook will come fully equipped with sharing features, including the ability to share a page by email and or through your favorite social networks.

Clip, save or print. Are you loving the content? No worries, you can either save it or print it. Our digital edition will let you keep both entire publications or just custom sections of your choice.

Need help? If you have any questions, just click on the help button (?) at the top of the flipbook and access a full help guide with all the navigation, saving and sharing options.

As a result of our partnership with Uberflip, a leader in digital publishing software, we’re bringing new life to our pages. Now go to GameInsider Digital and start experiencing our digital edition. Reading Game Insider has never been better!