Continuing to offer you an exclusive Insider look at today’s hottest video games from today’s biggest developers and publishers, GAMEINSIDER is now new and improved allowing  you the ability to interact with your favorite publication in a whole new way.  Starting with our latest issue featuring the cover story of Adhesive Game’s HAWKEN mech FPS, you can now access content on your desktop computer, and the most popular devices in the market place, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Playbook and Torch.


Now absolutely FREE for an annual subscription of (9) in-depth gaming issues, you will have GAMEINSIDER delivered right to your inbox. This way, the hottest gaming news, previews, reviews and hardcore video game glory will literally be at your fingertips from any mobile device.

  • R2deuce

    I like the site’s new look. How do you subscribe to the magazine?

  • GameInsider the magazine goes live in about a week. Once it goes live we’ll have all the information for individual issues and yearly subscriptions in the magazine category tab. In addition, we’ll also have a sidebar display showcasing the current issue as a link, allowing for a more convenient way to subscribe. R2 once it’s up I’ll shoot you an update.

  • r2deuce

    FA SHO

  • r2deuce

    Good lookin shadow

  • Ant

    Derrick! This looks OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for bringing me onboard! I’ll take the Game-Insider ride anytime! Keep me posted!

  • Ant (OGHaloant)

    Great job on the site!

  • kamikazehn

    Great work!!…i’m from central america (Honduras), is possible send this magazine for these country? or only US..thanx

  • @ Kamikazehn

    GameInsider is a digital video game publication which means regardless of where you live you are able to enjoy each issue all year long right from your computer. Once you subscribe to the yearly subscriptions you’ll receive email updates in your inbox letting you know when your next issue is available for your viewing pleasure.

  • kamikazehn

    ohh, thanx 4 u answer…congrat!!

  • lmbrdvl

    When will the next issue be out? I just got the Jan-12 issue.

  • We have a great upcoming PS3 shooter exclusive cover story in next weeks Mar-Apr issue of GameInsider. We also feature a great full game code giveaway, tons of previews, videos, rumors, reviews, updates and more.

  • Mike Mielke

    When will print subscriptions be available? There are plenty of large and small printing companies that you can negotiate with. Those of us who collect print magazines will be left in the dust. I know that the digital subscription is free, but there should be a print offer as well. Pure Nintendo is an indie mag that managed to offer 6 issues for $20, and the new Nintendo Force magazine (which is way more professional) offers 6 issues for $30 or $40 for print and digital.

  • Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your feedback! I sent you an email addressing our print editions of GameInsider, hopefully this answers your question. Your insight is great. Also, concerning the matter of being able to download entire issues, now you can. You can also download individual pages as well. Mike we love your feedback and encourage you to continue putting us in a verbal headlock making sure we bring you a great GameInsider experience.

  • I received your email, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Thank you for your response.

  • Mike

    Is there any word on print issues of Game Insider? In an age where print magazines are closing all the time, there’s a place for Game Insider to produce a print version. Pure Nintendo, Nintendo Force, and RETRO magazine can pull off 6 issues a year for $40 ($30 for RETRO), without advertising. You guys produce plenty of content and are a multi-platform publication. Let me know what your thoughts are!

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