The social networking phenomenon known as facebook has definitely been making it’s rounds in the gaming community these days. From the upcoming integration on Xbox 360 to rumors that Sony is also looking at this format for their users as well, the speculations are high.

To clear up all the Facebook/PS3 intergration comes actual images directly from the Playstation website according to SCRAWLfx. These images seem quite obvious that Facebook is just around the corner from being implemented onto the PS3 as they show the ability to manage your Facebook in your PlayStation Network account settings. Yes it does sound cool but that’s not all. Other images display the changing of the colors of your PSN gamercards among other new updates to enhance your photos viewing experience.

From the looks of it, it does seem like Facebook is on the way to PS3 but let’s play it safe and not jump to conclusion based on a few images. We’ll know soon enough so stay connected to ThEvolution.

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