Cliff Bleszinski: GEARS OF WAR Not Coming To The PS3 “Anytime Soon”


Unless he is being extremely deceptive the super talented game director Cliff Bleszinski has put to rest any speculation that the Gears Of War franchise will make an appearance on the PS3. According to VG Arabia, the rock star game director dropped the bomb on KotakuRadio stating;

“Honestly there’s really no plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon, which I can confirm”

For all you PS3 enthusiasts, I will say that there is still maybe a bit of hope in Mr. Bleszinski’s statement. The “anytime soon, which I can confirm” statement may lends some hope in the possibility that the Gears of War franchise is a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. Gears Of War 3 is more than likely a 2010 Xbox 360 fourth quarter release title which is a year away, so of course there are no plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon.

Could we see some form of Gears Of War on the PS3 in 2011, let’s stay optimistic.

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