Lost Planet 2: Receiving Some Unfavorable Reviews

Can you really count how many Lost Planet 2 trailers have been pumped out by Capcom building the awareness of their latest Lost Planet sequel? A whole lot and rightfully so. For starter, if you had the chance of playing any of the available demos across your PS3 or Xbox 360 you realize the game looks, sounds and oftentimes plays amazing, but I guess a demo is just that, a demo.

With the latest reviews hitting the internet lately it seems gamers will have a hard time deciding on whether to invest their hard earned cash on a game that from the outside looks amazing yet offers a lackluster experience based on many reviews.

According to metacritic, Lost Planet 2 has currently it’s highest review average at 75 across the Xbox 360 and 71 across the PS3. Of course these numbers can increase or decrease with more review updates pouring in daily, however it is becoming more clear that Lost Planet 2 just might not be the AAA experience gamers have been waiting for.

Despite the games amazing graphic and over-the-top boss battle confrontations, the gameplay might be missing in action.

IGN writes;

[The controls respond poorly, co-op is implemented badly, and the level design is awful. The foundation of Lost Planet 2 is its biggest issue.]

Gamepro writes;

[Four-player co-op campaign is dull and frustrating; awful checkpoint system further sullies campaign; unintelligible narrative with anonymous characters.]

VideoGamer writes;

[Lost Planet 2 is a game that is hard to recommend to solo gamers, such is the way the game has been designed to be played with friends. It’s hard, frustrating and at times a very unfair.]

Eurogamer writes;

[Filled with hair-tearing moments of abject frustration that defy logic, mixed with fist-pumping moments of total exhilaration, it’s a quite bizarre game of two halves.]

At the end of day unfavorable reviews are just opinioins which we all have yet when the large majority begins to start echoing one another, you might want to take notice.

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  • Link01

    The thing is… everything the reviews say consists of truth… the game is BAD

  • Tim Larkin

    I think western gamers are growing tired of japanese contrived gameplay. The production values are not enough for us to tolerate frustrating bosses or lack of save points. The first Lost Planet made us continually search for health. So, you never felt comfortable enough to take a breath. The same is true of Dead Rising.

  • Rolli

    You can barely read the text on this website, I literally have to highlight it all.

  • @ Tim Larkin

    You make an interesting point about western gamers growing tired of Japanese gameplay. Unfortunately for many Japanese made titles, the game play mechanics are becoming more and more outdated as US and European developed games seem to be pushing for more innovative ways to offer new and greater experiences. As a Japanese developer, Capcom is one of the best examples of a Japanese developer that is still stuck in a traditional mode of last-gen gameplay mechanics while offering titles with a next-gen facemask, Resident Evil 5 is a great example of this.

  • Pasta

    I like how people complain about difficulty in games nowadays and call it “frustrating”.

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