Halo Reach Nominated For 7 VGA Awards

Spike has unveiled this year’s VGA nominations and it looks like Bungie’s most ambitious Halo game to date, Halo: Reach has been nominated for seven awards. With seven nominations the epic shooter is bound to take home something to make the development team proud of their hardwork. This year’s VGA’s is going down in just 25 days exclusively on SpikeTV.

Check out all 7 categories Halo: Reach has been nominated for:

2010 Game Of The Year
Best Shooter Of The Year
Best Studio Of The Year
Best Xbox 360 Game Of The Year
Best Multiplayer Game Of The Year
Best Original Score
Best Performance By A Human Male

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  • Mass Effect 2 nominated for TEN AWARDS!!!
    -2010 Game of the Year
    -Best Studio of the Year
    -Best 360 Game of the Year
    -Best PC Game of the Year
    -Best Original Score of the Year
    -Best RPG of the Year
    -Best Performance by a Human Male
    -Best Performance by a Human Female (TWICE!)
    -Best DLC of the Year

    lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself, just so happy for Bioware

  • @ Justin
    You should be happy for Bioware. They have certainly earned there right to shine with the epic experience offered in Mass Effect 2.

  • N4gmodsR360fanboys

    so what does that mean,you do know this is the same awards show that didnt even include GT5 for best driving game of 2010 or even if it was too late which it shouldnt be since they included asassins creed brotherhood ,why isnt GT5 in most anticipated game.
    Not including MAG in best shooter n putting bioshock 2 in there when its adventure not shooter(you can even go through the game without using a gun).
    They dont even have infamous 2,kz3 ,lbp2 or twisted metal on their most anticipated list n choose gears of war instead hahaha

  • @ N4gmodsR360fanboy,
    You make a solid argument concerning GT5. I believe GT5 should make the list as it doesn’t seem as though consumer opinion matters much. Like you mentioned, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood did make the list based on critic opinion not consumers. The 2011 Most Anticipated list is also quite interesting. While all the games listed are high on the food chain, like you, I don’t think you can ignore most of the robust PS3 exclusives arriving in 2011.

  • rift02

    I am very happy for Bungie’s Halo:Reach getting nominated in 7 categories. They most likely will get the Original Score Award and maybe Best Studio, but that’s a toss-up for grabs by anybody. In Shooter, Halo:Reach is most certain to take it.

  • WFT

    I believe it’s actually Sony’s fault that GT5 is not in the list:
    There where numerous delays and it took them quite some time to pinpoint a final release date. If I would have to take a guest, the VGA list was probably comprised when GT5 was rumored to skip 2010 and slip into 2011, and that’s why they didn’t put it as a nominee.

    Why isn’t it in the 2011 most anticipated then? Well, perhaps they planned to put it there in the first place but now that Sony marked it as a 2010 game there was no point leaving it there. I guess that people can still vote for it (there is such an option to vote to any valid game) so it’s up to the fans now that Sony blew it with the release date fiasco…

  • I hope Reach gets all of these. Black Ops, in all seriousness, is not a good game.

  • jessica espinoza

    Don’t you think it would be better for bungie to make a game of halo of how all the noble team became.

  • Hey Jessica,
    That would make for a great DLC add-on where a brief yet thorough look into how each Noble team member took form as a member of this elite squad. I love the idea. If you’re suggesting this as something Bungie should have looked into prior to the release of Reach then based on the ultimate outcome of Reach I do believe this approach would have been more compelling seeing how each Spartan met the same heroic yet dreadful end. Despite Reach’s rich emotional narrative, this idea would have certainly added more conviction the overall experience.

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