Great Sales or Better Graphics: They Never Justify A Better Shooter

While other genres offer memorable experiences leaving us sometimes breathless, there is no doubt that we live in a gaming age where ‘The Way Of The Gun’ continues to dominates the video game playing field. Record breaking sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops is a testament to this fact. Yet, if you ask any devoted gamer who spends most of their time playing either an RPG, action adventure, MMO, horror or strategy sim, you will more than likely not get a response in favor of the shooter genre. What does this mean? Well, for starters it is called free choice and like choosing your favorite ice cream, it’s all about what YOU like, it is subjective.

As fans of our favorite games and or platforms, it continues to be a difficult task for gamers and sometimes journalists to contain their bias compulsion to rant “Victory” and not be content with knowing that their gaming experience is theirs and theirs alone without having to hide behind a forum user name or cute article built on the foundation of ‘My toy is better than yours’ camouflaged as truth. Case in point, the Halo franchise vs. the Killzone franchise.

Killzone 3 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay

Undoubtedly the biggest shooter franchises for both Microsoft and Sony, both games have seen tremendous success. Like it or not the Halo franchise has pioneered some of today’s biggest and best shooters on the market and the Killzone franchise is apart of that evolution. And while the Halo franchise has remained true to it’s gameplay roots by offering fun and engaging single-player experiences played across vibrant landscapes, Killzone has taken the way of the gun and cleared it own visceral and imaginative beating path. One glance at both of the latest titles from both franchises currently available (Halo Reach/Killzone 2) and it becomes obvious that these two behemoths are going in completely different directions and this is certainly a good thing.

As the competition between which of these shooters is the better wages on, there are many similarities between both shooters despite the obvious differences. From the intense and engaging gunplay, great AI, amazing presentations to the robust multiplayer modes, either franchise can be argued as the king of the hill. Two of the most talked about arguments when comparing these franchises falls under graphical fidelity and retail sales. Killzone 2 looks amazing while Halo Reach registers more sales. Halo Reach sales more copies so it’s better, really? Killzone 2 looks lights out better than any Halo title so it a better shooter, seriously?

Halo Reach Multiplayer Gameplay

While both franchises are not perfect, both of these arguments have absolutely no bearing on why one should be considered better than the other. The heart and soul of any game rests on the gameplay. Great graphics is a means to and end and great sales is a financial bottomline. Experience with both franchises says both shooters right now are at the top of their game. It cannot be emphasized enough that while great sales is partially due to the gameplay of a great predecessor, smart and aggressive marketing is oftentimes just as effective.

If more sales and better graphics are mute arguments, then what makes one shooter better than the other?

YOU DO! It’s subjective. Play the games you know and love. As many of you know Halo Reach is currently available while Killzone 3 releases Feb 22, 2011. We recommend you invest in both titles if you have both platforms as these are both exclusive titles. If you don’t own both platforms then with Christmas around the corner we recommend some serious brown nosing to your source of gaming bliss for the ultimate shooter experience.

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