iPhone Making It’s Way To Verizon

Can you say it’s about time about ten more times. I sure can and with much excitement. Apple, Inc., along with Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless carrier are said to be making an official Verizon iPhone announcement next week.

Why am I excited, well, let’s just say I tend to like talking to family and friends without experiencing too many dropped calls. Up until now Apple’s iPhone has shared a tight and exclusive relationship with AT&T, a relationship which has fostered great success for both companies, however that trend might be changing rather quickly for AT&T.

AT&T could experience a 3 million subscriber drop-off rate due to the new Version iPhone according to analyst as a Consumer Reports survey recently ranked Verizon’s network as most reliable among the major carriers and AT&T’s as the worst. Nevertheless, it is important to note that while Verizon does currently win the popularity contest, the network has not yet been put to the test by the heavy volume of data that the iPhone demands.

According to The Wall Street Journal, invitations were sent out for an event which will be held in New York City on Tuesday. Will it be the big announcement? I certainly hope so.

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