Heavy Rain Creator Believes Developers Need To Be More Ambitious

Recently speaking with CVG, David Cage, the outspoken creator whose Heavy Rain title won three BAFTAs, made mention on how he would like his fellow contemporaries to push the boundaries of their creative efforts.

“Look at Call Of Duty. How many copies does it sell every year? I’m fine with that. It’s cool. I’m just saying that I’m not happy with an industry that is entirely limited to experiences where all you are doing is shooting. That’s my problem. There is much more we can do with interactivity than just killing people.” stated Cage.

“Look, I’m not a programmer, I’m not a graphic artist – I come from an outside world. I approach video games the same way I approach theatre, filmmaking, poetry or painting. I wish more people would take that point of view. It would help the industry to move on. I don’t just say these things to annoy, or to try and sound cleverer than anyone else.”

“Maybe there will be more devices in the near future in the same direction (Playstation Move) but which work slightly differently that will open new ground. I can clearly see how DualShock is the end of an era and we need to move to something else as an industry,” said Cage. “I don’t know if Kinect or Move are the ultimate answer. It’s up to console manufacturers to bring [a new device]. But something will happen, hopefully soon.”

Previously Cage admitted that Quantic Dream was currently in production on their next title but it has no relation to Heavy Rain.

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