Red Johnson’s Chronicles Preview – Coming To Playstation Network

Lexis Numérique, one of the biggest independent game design studios in Europe reveals Red Johnson’s Chronicles, the upcoming puzzle-based crime investigation title launching later this month on PlayStation Network.

What’s Going On
A corpse has been found in Metropolis City. Finding suspects and possible motivations won’t be the hard part. But sometimes, murders are more complex than what first appears. This won’t stop Red Johnson, who is no rookie nor one of those crook private investigators who thrive in the most violent town in the country.

As Red, a private eye, you will have to investigate a crime that could have been committed by almost anyone in Metropolis City. Finding suspects won’t be that tough as the victim seems to be the most hatred man in town. The player’s job is to gather clues, find witnesses and make them cough up the goods. Lure them, threaten them, do whatever it takes but make them talk. With this information and pieces of physical evidence you will gather, nail the real murderer and put him away for good.

While two women-Sonia and Theresa-are immediate suspects, Red soon encounters several other dubious characters that he must deem friends or foes.

The most mysterious of the bunch, Saul , always manages to give (or rather, sell) just the right advice to help Red out of sticky situations. But while he’s slick, cool and mysterious, Saul seems to know a lot more about the crime than he lets on, and Red must dig deeper to discover the truth.

Another man about town is Officer Robert , a policeman who appreciates a job well done, but only when it’s done by someone else. With Red taking the reigns in the investigation, it seems that Robert is in luck and can once again sit back and let Red do the dirty work.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles Screenshots

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