GameInsider Now Available On YouTube

Yes, we know we’re late to the whole youtube phenomenon and our very own Corey Shaw (Megabreez3) has been kicking us to create a youtube channel which would link directly from our site and now our youtube channel is official. Now the community can check out all of our cool gametrailers and gameplay content all in one place.

Be sure to get the word out about the channel as we’ll be adding some great content to the channel every week. If we start to get a tons of subscriber we promise to add exclusive Game Insider content which we know you’ll enjoy. In fact we have already started adding some of the industries hottest gameplay footage to Game Insider Digital, so be sure to secure your digital magazine subscription.

Hey stop reading and head on over to subscribe to our new YouTube channel, thanks!

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  • Lol! All the credit goes to you of course.

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