Halo Waypoint and New Tactical Assault System App Infiltrating Your Smartphone

Halo: Waypoint is coming to Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices this week (Dec 10), allowing gamers to have mobile access to their Halo: Reach service record and stats.

In addition a new app known as ‘ATLAS’ (Assisted Tactical Assault System) will be available, providing close to real-time player intel and tactical guidance for your online Halo: Reach and Halo: Anniversary multiplayer gameplay experience.

ATLAS will be able to reveal battlefield locations of weapons, even if the weapon has been picked up and dropped in a completely different location. Talk about adding a high tech tactical advantages to the online experience – wow!

ATLAS will is run you $4.99 on iOS and Android devices, and free on Windows Phone 7. Halo: Waypoint will be free of charge. Gamers can expect the English version of the ATLAS app at launch with the French, German, and Spanish version arriving later.


– Weapon and vehicle spawn locations for Matchmaking and Firefight games.

– Health pack locations.

– Near-real-time locations for weapons and vehicles during Custom Multiplayer games.

– Your location and that of your team members displayed on the map.

– ‘Follow me’ mode to track your movement.

– Dynamic player list, including current score for the teams and each player and equipped weapon for you and your teammates.

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