Indie Game REUS Sells 235,000 Copies – Clone Developers Steer Clear and Get A Life

I love being in control, most times in fact. However when I’m playing a video game I always like to play God! I might have bit of a complex, I’m sure Kratos has something to do with it. Yet, it seems like other gamers are like me as well, quite a few in fact. A little game known as Reus from Abbey Games which is a 2D PC indie God game is all the rave right now, giving gamers the ability to live out their God like fantasies while shaping the elements of earth.

Since the games debut, sales figures for Reus have reached over 235,000 across all platforms. About 100,000 of those were during the first two months. The Steam Summer Getaway Sale (main feature, 50% off), boosted this to more than the doube.

As a relatively small studio, Abbey Studio wrestled with idea of sharing sensitive sales figures, due to the threatening idea of game cloning which could potentially undercut the well-deserved success of budding new studio.

Reus Release Trailer from Abbey Games on Vimeo.

In the meanwhile Abbey Studios figured out sharing sales figures is actually really important for the independent community. As soon as it is assumed that Reus is stuck in its long tail, preparations are made to complete post-mortems so that people may know what decisions lead to what sales. This help people judge whether creating the games they love, is also a viable way to make a living.

On the issue of cloning, Abbey Studios has stopped worrying about cloning. Through the example of ‘Ridiculous Fishing’ it was understood that the better game always comes out on top and personally I couldn’t agree more. Speaking of Reus, Abbey Studios is convinced their game is simply too complex. Adding my two cents if I may,  as for those counterfeit developers who want to steal a game, adding a different face to its surface please remember, the cream always rising to the top.

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