Hauppauge Launches HD PVR Rocket, Portable Video Game Recorder for Xbox, PlayStation and PC Games

852a4338Weighing in at just 130 grams Hauppauge introduces their all-new portable video recorder – yes it can also fit in your pocket as well. The HD PVR Rocket records video game play from the PlayStation, Xbox and PC gaming systems in high definition resolution up to 1080p using H.264 video compression. The most notable feature of the Rocket is that it functions independently of a PC, powered by USB from the console or PC.Soon we’ll have our hands-on with the new device – at the moment the we’re the press the red button on the device will begin instant recording onto any size USB flash drive or powered external HDD over HDMI or component in H.264. The same format used by Blu-ray discs providing a crisp image and amazing digital sound. H.264  uses 1/3 of  disk space compared to the popular MPEG-2 format – so when a 16 Gbyte USB thumb drive is plugged into the HD PVR Rocket, 4 hours video game play is recorded in full HD.
Any game system which uses either HDMI video without HDCP or uses component video can be recorded with HD PVR Rocket, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation3, WiiU and PC based game systems. Sony has announced the PS4 will also have game play recordable through the HDMI port.HD PVR Rocket is available in the US at retailer online currently at the asking price of $169.99.

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