KHOLAT: New Post Release Trailer and Update 1.01 Now Live on Steam

IMGN.PRO has announced that patch 1.01 is live and available for download now on Steam – The update includes:
– launch crashes fixes
– stability fixes
– game will not save in Act3, players with save from Act3 can continue playing from last save location from Act2
– key bindings fixed
– invert mouse fixed
– gameplay bugs fixes
– inventory (map, compass, journal) will now properly scale based on user configured camera FOV
– added few missing localization texts

Kholat is a FPP storytelling / experience game, developed by independent studio IMGN.PRO, inspired by true events known as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident”. We follow the path of a group of Russian students, that went for an expedition in the northern Ural Mountains. The team does not reach its goal, the entire crew dies in mysterious circumstances.

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