Slighty Mad Studios Already Working On The Sequel To Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios has announced accomplished race car driver Nicolas Hamilton will continue to serve as Handling Consultant for the studio’s developing Project CARS 2 title.

Project CARS 2 aims to include the largest track roster ever with 50 unique locations and over 200 playable tracks – and introduces ‘loose surface’ racing with dirt, gravel, mud, and snow courses. On the vehicle side, new classes of Rallycross, never-before-seen Concepts, and Banned Race Cars will be included and players will be seamlessly connected with each other via Co-Op Career, Online Track Days, Broadcast eSports, and your own personal and customizable Test Track.

Continuing his excellent work that started during the development phase of Project CARS, Nicolas will again be assisting the development team with his highly-precise feedback on car handling and share his vast knowledge & experience with the all the members in the busy World of Mass Development forums.

“I am mega excited to be to be a part of the Development Team at Slightly Mad Studios for Project CARS 2,” Hamilton commented.

“When I first joined SMS back in 2012, it was an absolute dream come true to work on Project CARS 1, which was a great success and an amazing experience for me. To be a part another fantastic project yet again is just something I always dreamed of and I hope we, as a team, can deliver another fantastic product.”

Born in Herfordshire, England, in 1992, Nicolas was brought up in the motorsports world alongside older brother Lewis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas has always made sure this wouldn’t stop him from pursing his passion for racing.

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