Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection Heading Your Way In March

Quantic Dream, the uber talented development team behind some of gaming’s most compelling narratives experiences, have update their facebook page with a list of release dates for the upcoming Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection arriving for the PS4 in March. You can check out the regional availability updates below.

EUROPE, Australia and New Zealand
Heavy Rain & the Beyond Two Souls Collection are releasing on disc in mainland Europe on March 2nd, in the UK on March 4th.
HEAVY RAIN will also be available from PSN digitally on the same dates, alongside BEYOND: Two Souls (already on PSN)
Latin America and North America
In LATAM territories, Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection releasing on disc (alongside Heavy Rain on PSN) on March 1st.
In North America, Heavy Rain is only being released digitally on PSN (Beyond: Two Souls is already on PSN).
Asia (except Japan)
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 Disc Bundle
PSN and Physical Releasing March 2nd
Heavy Rain PS4, Releasing March 2nd on PSN, Beyond Two Souls PS4 is already released on PSN.
More info shortly

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