Sony Announces PlayStation VR Bundle for North America, Pre-orders Begin March 22

With the net buzzing over the recently announced PlayStation VR price point and October launch, there have been some concerns involving the necessary add-ons like the PlayStation camera, which is needed to experience Sony’s new VR device. While millions of PS4 users currently own the camera, which can be acquired for as low as $44, Sony it seems thought is necessary enough to drop the PlayStation VR bundle news on us early.

VR Stuff Image

This morning the official US PlayStation blog announced that pre-orders for the PS VR bundle will begin on Tuesday, March 22. Exclusively for pre-sale and in limited quantities, the bundle includes:

•PS VR headset
•PS VR cables
•Stereo Headphones
•PlayStation VR Demo Disc
•PlayStation Camera
•2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
•PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

Bundles will cost $499.99 in the US and $699.99 in Canada. If you miss out on the early pre-orders, have no worries as the second wave of pre-orders will come available this summer. The core PS VR bundle, which will retail for $399.99 USD / $549.99 CAD, is not available for pre-order

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