Ballistic Overkill Launches March 28 For PC, Mac and Linux – Watch The New Gameplay Teaser

Developer Aquiris Game Studio has for 2 years been developing their PvP class-based shooter Ballistic Overkill, which has sold over 50.000 copies to date, spread mainly across the US, Brazil, China and Germany. Impressively the game also achieved 84% positive review rate on Steam, with many of these reviewers praising the game and comparing with classic and modern titles of the genre, as Quake III Arena, the original Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty MW2 or Battlefield 3.

The studio is pleased to announce the project is ready to leave Early Access, and also wants to thank the devoted community for supporting the project during all these months with enormously valuable feedback which shaped the final product after 7 years of history. Aquiris plans to continue to improve on the game even further after launch with extra content and features.

Ballistic Overkill launches March 28, 2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux for  USD 12.99 / R$ 19.99 / CNY 28.00.

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