E3 2017: Assassins Creed Origins On Xbox One X Is Not Running At Native 4K, According to Digital Foundry

Assassin’s Creed Origins made a significant splash when it was recently showcased during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Following all the buzz of the games splendid visuals many have asked whether the Xbox One X footage revealed was actually running in native 4K. In response, the team over at Digital Foundry were able to take the game for a spin, breaking down the gameplay in detail.

The game appears crisp and clear, and boasts a level of visual fidelity easily above that of 1440p titles on PS4 Pro. But…does the game actually deliver on Microsoft’s full 4K promise? Is it native?

Well in terms of delivering true 4K pixel counts, then Assassin’s Creed Origins falls short. Ubisoft are instead utilizing checkerboard rendering in order to hit that UHD target. But at the same time, raw metrics don’t tell the whole story.”

Watch the video below by Digital Foundry as they break down Assassin’s Creed Origin running on the Xbox One X:

As far as how well the game runs on the PS4 Pro, there has currently been no updates on the version, just yet. Assassin’s Creed Origins launches October 27 on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox On and PC. The Xbox One X version launches with the new hardware on November 7.

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