Matterfall Receives PS4 Launch Date with 8 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

After the successful launch of Nex Machina from developer Housemarque, the talented team is already on the verge of attempting to once again outdo themselves on August 15th, when they release Matterfall exclusively for the PS4.

With impressive titles under their belt such as Resogun, Alienation and the aforementioned Nex Machina, which is one of my personal favorite games of the year, Housemarque has buckled down on a slick twin-stick side-scroller that transports you to the towering vertical cities of a distant future. You’ll need to suit up and fight for control of the mysterious “smart matter” that is over-running your world and giving rise to hordes of matter-infected enemies. Cue thumb cramps and massive explosions.

To get a closer look at exactly how the studio’s latest offering works, senior level designer Jari Hokkanen while at E3 last month offered a full level walkthrough.

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