New Content and Features Added To Free-to-Play PS4 Exclusive ‘Knights of Valour’

The free-to-play PS4 exclusive beat’em up game, Knights of Valour will be receiving a new game mode as well as a unique new character added on August 3, 2017 in the latest game patch.

The challenging Expedition Mode can now be unlocked by completing the game in the “normal difficulty” setting. The Expedition Mode is a “Special Wave Stage” in which each of the 40 available wave stages has to be completed in order to enter the next one. After every 10th battle players can reorganize before proceeding to the next battle. If a game room still has space, the host can invite other players to join along the way. Players can look forward to great stage loot – the higher the difficulty level, the greater the chance of winning rare items.

The new Reforging option offers the possibility to greatly enhance your equipment by using Reforge Stones, Ethereal Crystals and Silver. Reforging resets attribute points and awakened skills and saves time usually spent looking for rare equipment with the proper attributes. The Reforge result can be previewed and then be applied or discarded. In both cases, the value of a player’s equipment stats increases by one point after using Reforge Stones.

Furthermore, Knights of Valour offers a variety of playable characters that are divided into three groups: power, speed and skill. The newest addition to these Knights features Xiao Qiao, a skill-type character who shows that music is indeed stronger than the sword. This exquisite beauty fights with the sounds of her Dan Tam and her enemies are only ever remembered in the songs that tell of her great battles.

Knights of Valour is currently available exclusively for PS4 and is available free of charge on the PlayStation Store.

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