Angelic Issue #1 Review

Written by Marcus Ellinger

Cover rank: 6/10
Angelic #1 is not a comic I would ever think to grab off the shelf. Its cover boasts a pastel juvenile style with a smiling monkey and cyborg dolphins. The only thing that might peak my interest are a pair menacing eyes with a fang filled grin glowing from under a pile of rubble.

Best variant issue: ??/10
I am not aware of any variant covers if you find any let me know.

What I like:
If Angelic would not have been recommended I never would have thought to investigate past my quick judgment of its cover. This is one of the best parts of Angelic and a point that it emphasizes in its compelling story. Angelic takes place in a future where people are long gone and only the creatures we abused with genetic modifications remain. The point of Angelic is to question conformity, learned behavior and dare to be defiantly different. After reading Angelic I instantly felt foolish for literally judging this book by its cover (with my “learned behavior”). Some times it takes bravery to defy the social standard. Caspar Campbell’s youthful look and style coupled with Simon Spurrier’s mature writing and subject matter does just that. I will never look at comics with a quick judgment again after reading this eye opening story.


What I didn’t like:
Clearly my least favorite part of Angelic is its pastel color pallet. However, I don’t think its empowering message would be delivered as well with out it. The creatures of Angelic also have their own dialect/language that can interrupt the reading flow at times.

Best moment:
The main character is Qora a young flying monkey who’s destiny is a sad fate that she refuses to settle for. The moment when Qora’s fate is revealed and the way she is expected to act because of it was such a surprising point in Angelic. Its an empowering moment when she decides to define her own fate. It’s not every day a comic can change the way you think and how you view the world around you. The contradiction of such a cutesy looking comic coupled with its mature subject matter is something I applaud writers Simon Spurrier and Caspar Campbell for.

Ending: 8/10
Qora has committed to a decision that will redefine her destiny and will impact everyone that is brave enough to takes the journey with her.

What I’m looking forward to:
I’m curious to find out what happens to Qora and the creatures she meets on her new journey of self discovery. Mostly I’m excited to keep indulging in my passion for comics with a fresh point of view.

Side note:
Angelic might not be for everyone, but I encourage you to follow its message. Challenge learned behavior and never judge a comic by its cover. Be sure you read the story on the last page of the comic written by Simon Spurrier, he describes his motivation for creating Angelic.



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