SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE New Gameplay Expansion Revealed

SUPERHOT has finally crossed the one million copies sold milestone. Now the SUPERHOT development team is expanding the at work expanding the SUPERHOT experience with it next entry.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is a standalone expansion set in the SUPERHOT universe. It’s designed as a roguelike twist on the linear nature of the original SUPERHOT. Tapping into the same fundamental gameplay mechanics, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE distills and expands upon the intoxicating rhythm of slow motion combat. The game will force you through dozens of increasingly difficult time-moves-only-when-you-move gameplay challenges. Each challenge will make you more powerful and bring you closer to deciphering the secrets hidden from you by the system. As you unlock powerful abilities and gain access to new playable characters, so will your enemies grow stronger, smarter, and more desperate to stop you.

In a throwback to the community-driven development of the original Kickstarted SUPERHOT, the expansion launches on Steam Early Access this week. SUPERHOT Team is inviting the bold and the brave, the players unafraid of the bleeding edges and willing to put some thought and energy into shaping and balancing the game itself. The Early Access backers will be welcome to co-create and guide the development on Discord and Reddit, and to follow the roadmap with monthly content updates and livestream AMAs with the developers.

The roguelike expansion already features a new playable character, dozens of levels, revamped AI and animation systems, procedurally generated runs, and an unlockable powerup system. The first upcoming content update drops in January and will introduce the first batch of powerful unlockable gameplay modifiers, new weapons, and four unique new levels added to the location pool.

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