Microsoft Acquiring EA Makes Xbox A Dangerous Competitor, But will it Happen?

Rumor has it that Microsoft is on the hunt to acquire a big fish. While PUBG would not be that significant of a grab when looking it how it could increase hardware sells for the Xbox One. However, the possibility that EA or Valve as a rumored possibility has certainly peaked our interest, leading us to believe that a reality where EA games are all exclusive to the Xbox platform could mean the end of Sony’s runaway hardware advantage in the next-generation of console war…possibly.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    who has been using a defected crystal ball?

    EA has several titles that are making 1,2,3 billion $

    all the assets, games, companies… + a huge margin for shareholders (why even sell something if you’re not making 3-5x more cash…?)

    EA can generate 10 billions in just 12-18 months.

    EA costs at least 25-40 billions. if you take into account every single lootbox/microtransaction-based game is easily making 0.5, 1, or even 2 billions net with loot boxes alone.
    the mass effect series alone are worth several billions. just make another great mass effect game (besides Anthem), and they will sell 20 million copies in the first month !

    and even if microsoft acquired EA, for say, 30 billions, How many years it would take, for microsoft to break even ?
    MS paid 2.5 billions for minecraft. how much have they made with the license ?

    even with the EA entire catalog and all future releases, it’s not sure all gamers will suddenly start buying xboxes.

    it only takes Sony to announce the PS5, and 90% of the world gamers won’t be looking at anything else. how many ps4 pro were sold between launch and January 31 ? what about the xbox1 x ?

    just like 4 years ago, we go to a store, and there are huge piles of unsold xbox, that nobody wants. japan and europe, the xbox is dead. excepting some guys in Uk, europe is a Playstation area.

    basically, the xbox is made for americans. the tv sports, kinekt, voice control, were all features that only worked in english. fuk the other languages/ countries.
    95% of Live users are from north america/uk/australia.

    microsoft aquiring EA would lead even more people to switch to sony: everybody hates EA, most hate microsoft. such duo would not get a ton of love, from europe.

  • GeekGI

    You make an interesting argument! Depending on what the true numbers would be in order to actually acquire EA, Microsoft would have to consider their return time of investment. It would take Microsoft much longer to capitalize on those popular EA games if those games were only offered on the Xbox ecosystem. And like you pointed out, has Microsoft really made back their $2.5B return of investment for acquiring Minecraft? It will be interesting to see what comes of this, if the rumor holds up.

  • GrimmyReaper

    Lol whut?
    Valve? You honestly think Valve of all companies would wanna join Microsoft of all companies?

    While I definitely don’t like everything Valve does, just from a company’s point of view. Why in the name of hell would they EVER decide to join Microsoft? The Microsoft store is a joke, lightyears behind what other online stores offer. If they either join or are bought by Microsoft, Valve would have to share the profits with them. Also consider that people are familiar with Steam, Microsoft not having a good reputation on PC, Microsoft already a big company that is trying to compete with Steam, why would you think they would join them?

  • andrewsqual

    Where is all this coming from? There have been about 30 articles on N4G this week alone about this. I thought it would have happened sooner like after the worse games console reveal in history back in May 2013. I seriously thought Microsoft were going to announce they were buying EA or at least getting games like FIFA timed exclusive for 5 months. They would have instantly won the next gen.

    But they are in no position to do such a thing anymore and they are making nowhere the money they were in the Xbox department when they now have LESS Live Gold subscriptions than they had 5 years ago lol. And you know they do when they refuse to talk about it for years just like Xbone console numbers.

  • Zatoichi

    ?? Why do you keep talking about this garbage? No evidence of a merger or sale and EA would not probably sell anyway.

    Might as well wonder if Trump could build a death star would he want a border wall?

    Equally freaking ridiculous question.

  • Zatoichi

    A bunch of geeks have escaped their parent’s basement and forgot to take their meds.

    Total speculation with no merit.

  • Barry Harden

    I really hope it does happen. EA is one shithole of a company and a purchase like this will hurt Micro$oft as a whole! Please make it happen!!

  • Barry Harden

    Somebody from inside Microsoft has leaked this to a gaming site. There is some merit.

  • LordCancer Kain

    FIFA timed exclusive wins console race?

  • LordCancer Kain

    If mass effect Andromeda was exclusive to Xbox it would still suck.

    This is one of the most pointless and bizzare rumours of all time.

    Even if it were true, these companies are essentially the same, they make the same game for the same player. They screw over developers and consumers.

    And somehow this is the megaton that changes something, bioware is dead, the doctors and many veteran staff have already jumped ship. All your really doing is adding more dead IP to a graveyard

  • LordCancer Kain

    The billions and billions of the PlayStation fans…won’t give a flying fck

  • Zatoichi

    Someone from inside Microsoft is jerking everyone off or the rumor is exaggerated.

    Gamers are like old ladies at the nail shop when it comes to gossip.

  • Maxime Pignot

    Newel confirmed it’s not true

    and EA is too expensive to even be remotely interesting even in the long run.

    tbh it looks more like a fanfic than anything else.

  • Rzzle dazzle

    Andrew must of been clutching his chest from his 4th heart attack when he saw this smh

  • Rzzle dazzle

    Minecraft currently has sold 144 million copies and have over 74 million active monthly players, topped with merchandising, licensing, microtransactions, subscriptions for Minecraft realms, a movie coming out, they’ve probably already made most of not all of that money back.

    Microsoft aquired EA wouldn’t lead anyone to switch to Sony because Microsoft would probably still release those games on the PS4, they would just also put them on the Game Pass day one. Also everybody hates EA yet FIFA is the best selling game in all of Europe every year, on the PS4 alone it sells over 10 million..

    Seriously do you think before posting?

  • Rzzle dazzle

    FIFA sells over 10 million copies on the PS4 alone

  • Rzzle dazzle


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