Roguelike 3D Space Shooter, EVERSPACE, Coming To PS4 May 22 – Watch PS4 Teaser Trailer

ROCKFISH Games announced that EVERSPACE is now available for pre-order on PS4 for $29.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it for the 20% discounted price of $23.99. It will be released on the PlayStation Store on May 22, 2018. Already available on PC and Xbox One the impressive Encounters expansion, which sitting at 97% positive reviews on Steam will be available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99 at launch, as well.

EVERSPACE: Encounters adds 10 hours of gameplay to the base game including five new questlines, all new factory space stations to augment play with on-the-fly services such as refining and converting resources to upgrade ship capabilities and conduct crucial repairs. The Encounters DLC also provides access to a new player ship – bringing the total to four – a medium fighter class ship called the Colonial Sentinel, packed with sophisticated electronic weaponry, interstellar pilots also have a wealth of devices and consumables as well as a special emergency shield if hull integrity on the ship is jeopardized through intense space combat. Furthermore, daring space pilots can pay the Okkar Homeworld a visit, too.

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