ICEY Has Unleashed Her Stylish Powers Onto Switch

ICEY, which has already released to much fanfare for PS4, Steam and mobile selling more than 2 million copies across all platforms marking it down as one of the top 2 China indie premium games ever created, the Nintendo Switch version – launching today plans to continue the upward spiral as this action packed, adventure, hack and attack experience, which leads the player through many different and superbly crafted settings, continues to make a huge impact with Switch gamers.

Never played ICEY, so as the player you take on the role of the protagonist, ICEY, with simple and intuitive controls, amazing combos, running, jumping, spinning, etc. which can be activated as you unleash your power and force on anyone or thing that dares to stand in your way. Every skill you have is special in its own way and you can adapt and create your own fighting style. As you progress more powers, skills and fighting force can be obtained by defeating the many mechanical entities you face. Massive Cyborgs will try to stop you and wave after wave with different attack forms will try to pinpoint your weak spots. Onscreen energy and hit bars help you constantly throughout to ascertain how well you are doing.

For only $9.99 in the Nintendo Store, I’m sure many Switch players will certainly enjoy ICEY.

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