Free-to-Play Armored Warfare Launches on Xbox One August 2

Today we have been informed that Armored Warfare will be launching for the Xbox One this August. Set in a not so distant future, players take control of contemporary tanks and armored fighting vehicles raging war on ruthless organizations and companies on the global battlefield.

From frozen cities to sun-scorched islands, players compete with rival teams for domination of these hotspots in the competitive modes. Commanders can join forces with friends to carry out challenging PvE missions and unravel gruesome stories told through season bound narratives. Global Operations combine cooperative and competitive game modes together on large scale maps pitting up to 30 players in intense and explosive tank wars.

Armored Warfare will be completely free-to-play for Xbox Gold Members, but for members who wish to get a headstart on the combat experience, prepared several pre-launch editions with great bonuses that are available for a limited time only. Starter packs contain variously perks both cosmetic and of convenience for players including exclusive decals, player titles, premium vehicles and more!
Armored Warfare for Xbox One also features additional timed-exclusive content such as an entire line of European vehicles including the Wilk XC8 Tier 10 Tank Destroyer, exclusive maps, and more.

Armored Warfare is currently available for PS4 and PC.

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