Kabounce Free Weekend and Massive Summer Update Announced

The Summer Update adds all new maps, game modes, customization and a community driven unlock event to Kabounce. Kabounce is free to try until July 30 in the Free Weekend on PS4 and Steam.

In Kabounce player compete head to head in 4 versus 4 multiplayer pinball arena. Capture bumpers and eliminate opponents using powerful abilities to earn points. Bounce and spin your ball to reach incredible speeds or launch yourself into aerial platforming routes to surprise your opponents with an attack from above. Master your movement in this unique team versus team pinball experience, dominate the playing field with powerful abilities and annihilate your opponents to take their points by force.

Time Attack Challenge Updated content:

  • New Relay Mode adds a co-op experience to time attacks
  • Over double the time attack maps (42, up from 19)
  • Seasonal challenge scores and a hidden mini-boss ‘Puff T1000’ as a seasonal reward
  • Find Puff T1000, race him, and unlock his skin in customizations

Summer Content and Rewards
New summer themed customization, a new arena map ‘Nero Reef’ with an underwater theme, and the competitive Ranked Mode.
Players can complete various personal objectives which add to the unlock of special limited-time-community-wide rewards. These rewards see the addition of the Z.A.P. pinball and other thunder themed cosmetics.

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