Anime-Style Horror Adventure Coming To PS4 and Switch this Winter

TOKYO DARK-Remembrance, the anime-style horror adventure game from Sony publishing label UNTIES and Cherrymochi where a detective works a sanity-bending case, takes the investigation is coming to this winter to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Standout features for the game from its PC counterpart is said to include refined graphics and gameplay, additional endings and new dialogue paths with NPCs.

The original version of the mystery adventure game TOKYO DARK was released on Steam in back in September of 2017. Its unique story and artwork, a hallmark of developer Cherrymochi’s style, won the hearts of countless fans both within and beyond Japan.

Again, Tokyo Dark is an anime-style horror adventure game. The story follows Detective Itō across Tokyo, searching for the truth behind her partner’s strange disappearance. Featuring puzzles, stat management, and difficult decisions, Tokyo Dark puts the narrative in the hands of the player. Players’ decisions change Itō’s character, opening or locking options and leading to more than 10 different endings, including new ones added in this special edition.

TOKYO DARK-Remembrance features branching story with more than 10 different endings (including a New Game+ exclusive ending). Also the game will comes with the original soundtrack by Reign of Fury frontman Matt ‘Bison’ Steed.

TOKYO DARK-Remembrance completes the mysteries left by the original, bringing a Director’s Cut to both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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