Should Guerrilla Games Reboot The Killzone Series?

The last Killzone game was released back in 2013 as a launch title for the PS4. Since then developer Guerrilla Games has gone on to develop their most acclaimed title in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn. However, now that Guerrilla Games has expanded their studio in an effort to cultivate their portfolio of games with earlier launch windows, it now seems like a good time for the studio the re-visit their famed shooter series.

In this latest episode, we speculate over the unofficial announcement and possible new direction, which could be taken with the next Killzone from Guerrilla Games.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    The killzone series have been kind of a benchmark, on most sony consoles.
    These games helped showing the world what a particular console was capable of, by displaying the best visuals as possible.

    Despite the killzone 3 E3 drama/trailer, I’m still impressed with the graphics quality guerrilla games gave us, with many many sections of the game not only reaching the rendering targets, but EVEN exceeding them !

    killzone shadow fall had some amazing textures, i remember taking a screenshot everytime i would see a nice texture work, and having over 200 screenshots, at the end of the game. Unfortunately, killzone SF was a launch title, and the thousands pro-xbox journalists and websites didn’t miss that opportunity, to bash that sony exclusive title… with many reviewers justifying their 7/10 scores with ‘bla bla, killzone SF looks, feels and plays like kilzone games, bla bla bla’….really ?

    what people often criticizes about killzone, is their less-than-stellar stories.
    personally, I’ve always found them quite enjoyable.

    But that problem should be solved, next time, guerilla games know great visuals aren’t enough, to get great reviews. For sure, with the next killzone game, we should get an amazing story, GG will surely hire a top story writer.

    Regarding the engine, GG have proved the entire world they know the ingredients for making a 10/10 game, like Horizon Zero Dawn.

    as we know them, they have been working hard, probably updating their engine, to work with the ps5, and their current tools and engine should easily handle a complex world 10 or 20 times bigger than H:ZD.
    their current tools can handle great animations, like the hzd dinosaurs, huge populated worlds full of life, realtime terrain/trees generation, photorealistic textures, etc etc, they could make a new killzone game in no time.

    killzone is a great franchise, that only needs a fantastic story, to sell 10 to 15 million copies, like god of war. I am sure they are hard at work, probably making a hzd 2 game, while having a small team prototyping some ideas, on killzone 5.
    it would be stupid to ignore such title and franchise, that only needs a great story, to become a true ‘reference’.

    one thing is sure : the ps5 should be released in 2019, as they must wait for some new techs, memory, chips, etc, to become available during 2019. No way sony will let microsoft become the first to release a true ‘revolutionary ‘ console, that should be a 20-30 tflops machine, compared to the 1.7tflops on ps4, 4.2 on ps4 pro or 6tflops on the x1x. No way sony will let microsoft release a new console and showcase pixar-like games, sell them during 12+ months, until the ps5 finally comes out, 12 or 18 months later. NO.
    I would bet my ps3, ps4 and ps4 pro CURRENTLY, studios like guerilla games, polyphony digital, naughty dog and quantic dreams ARE ALREADY working on ps5 prototypes, and will have incredible games ready for the ps5 launch.

    also, don’t you people find it odd, that media molecule’s Dreams is taking so much time to be finished ? That title, could also be a launch title. And imagine a little big planet 4 game, with some insane tools, running on a 20-30 tflops ps5 ! It would be insane.

    so yeah, killzone isn’t dead. At all. Killzone 5 will be a ps5 launch title.

  • J.j. Barrington

    I just want more of KIllzone 2. One of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

  • Greg

    Why not let old things be old?

  • GeekGI

    Hi Greg,

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by old? Are you referring to the Killzone series itself?

  • GeekGI


    Killzone 2 was simply one of the best shooter experiences ever! However in order to properly evolve the series Guerrilla Games does need to introduce the essence of Killzone 2 within any future Killzone projects. I believe Killzone is primed to take the shooter genre by storm in its own unique way, similar to how Horizon Zero Dawn etched itself as an RPG/Action Adventure to be reckoned with.

  • Greg

    I was speaking in general terms.

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