GC 2018: Houemarque Reveals First Gameplay Trailer for Stormdivers

Developer Housemarque today has shared their first real look at Stormdivers with a new official gameplay trailer. Stormdivers, a rare breed of special operators, descend on an abandoned island where a dangerous nano-experiment-gone-wrong has created a permanent artificial storm system that devours everything in sight.

Daring teams and solo operators who are brave enough to dive into the eye of the recurring nano storm are trying not only to survive the competition but also the island itself, with endless threats looming around every corner. Those who can master speed, surprise and take the high ground will reap the benefits of exotic loot.

Developed in Unreal Engine and backed by Amazon GameLift, Steam, Stormdivers is planned to expand with other modes and content including PvE co-op missions, new playable areas, classes and more. You can expect to learn more about Stormdivers, Housemarque’s first gaming experience of a new era, in the coming months.

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