Does Xbox Have A Fighting Chance Come Next Generation?

After a successful 7th generation with the Xbox 360, Microsoft finds themselves fighting an up hill battle against aggressive competing platforms, who have more than hit their stride with PS4 and Nintendo Switch. While Microsoft has certainly steered the Xbox ship away from the murky waters which plagued the Xbox One at launch, there have also been key factors which have also created unsavory challenges for the Xbox manufacturer.

With the next generation of consoles just around the corner, we look at some of the critical moves Microsoft has made this generation and how those moves could translate into positives for the next green machine.

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  • andrewsqual

    Didn’t look at the video but I guarantee there isn’t one mention about one simple fact that everyone is overlooking.

    The day that the Nextbone launches, are every single one of its exclusives going to be available BETTER on Windows 10/11 at the exact same time without need for an Xbox Live Gold account to get the most out of them also?

    If yes, then of course it doesn’t have a fighting chance. Look at Xbone’s sales since 2016 when it lost all future exclusives going forward.

    And if people think that XboneX being switch flipped as an instant next gen console gives them a headstart, how is around 2 million consoles a headstart? The Wii U had a 8 million headstart on PS4 at the end of 2013 and PS4 practically surpassed it going into 2014.

    Not a fighting chance does Xbox have next gen.

  • KashIsKlay

    Well let’s see. They innovated every generation, made some stupid mistakes towards the end of last gen and beginning of this gen but have recovered. Acquired studios to create new IP’s, hmm I think they’ll do as good as they were predicted to do this generation before the Mattrick effect.

  • Nightrob

    “Gamers” like you must be some of the most
    ignorant, un-educated people in the world. Fact of the matter little one, the
    vast majority of pc gamers have and never had interest in consoles…any
    console. Therefore MS selling games on that pc will, guess what, not take
    away much if any market share from their console. It will however, bring in
    tons more revenue overall. Also, the majority of console gamers out there have
    no desire to go to a more expensive platform as a gaming rig. They don’t want
    to build it, they don’t want the upkeep and therefore they stay with consoles.
    Hundreds of millions of them overall. As far as the Xbox next gen. Of course it
    will do well. It is doing very well right now. It just isn’t #1. Here is an
    economic lesson for you. A product does not have to be #1 to be considered successful.
    Xbox One brand has over forty million sold by now and will probably push or
    slightly exceed 50 million by the end of this gen. Not #1 or the 90 plus
    million Sony will have, but still very, very good. OK, you have been
    schooled. Go rest your little brain now. By the way, not even watching what you are commenting on just proves your ignorance.

  • If they have games

  • mondaymurder23

    man i had to come to the site becuase i could not sit and read the comments on N4g the bias lol any way i hope MS as a pc gamer comes out with a good console and games that pushes both game-play better AI and more interactive world plz for the love of god dont follow Sony they know nothing but linear interactive movie garbage we have enough of those in the market plz innovate and dont stagnate. btw let sony launch their console first becuase if it wasnt for MS the original PS4 would have had 4 sticks of memory lol.btw i also own a PS4 pro but as i have said i dont buy linear movie garbage

  • mondaymurder23

    dude go to N4G you will fit in perfectly with the other ignorant garbage that roams that site

  • andrewsqual

    Great argument there, thanks. I especially loved the part where you brought absolutely nothing to the discussion but utter petty excuses.

    And thanks for owning a PS4, the whole point of a console existing.

  • andrewsqual

    Ignorant? Uneducated? Did you just say that Xbone has 40 million units sold based solely on the fact that PS4 has over 80 million units sold lol? No, that doesn’t work anymore since the whole 29 million users reveal.

  • Nightrob

    Yes, Xbox has 40 million give or take. MS does not and hasn’t revealed purchasing trends most of this gen. Last time anything concrete or close to was made available it was over 20 million and that was roughly two and a half years ago. Following economists who give out accurate or semi accurate sales figures for yearly and holiday sales that would put the xbox one and all incarnations at right around 40 million. So, little child you are wrong and I allow you to go back to being a hate spewing, un-educated, ignorant and I’ll add arrogant fanboy. Fact of the matter is the Xbox is doing just fine and there is nothing you can do about that you can’t stand it for some stupid reason. I really don’t care. Cry a river and throw your tantrums. It’s hilarious. Goodbye, chump!

  • Nightrob

    No kidding. that site is 99% fanboy morons. Never anything to back up their idiotic comments, just constant trolling….Lil’ andrew would fit in perfectly there! LOL!

  • mondaymurder23

    Lol I’m just seeing this retared comment and please don’t write another one. Lol at those garbage you named they don’t even meet the minimum requirements of what I have listed try again another thing I do own a ps4 pro but I don’t own any first party games guess what I don’t but trash not even when they are used.

  • Rzzle dazzle

    The 29 million was already debunked, EA was counting all territories, ZHuge (insider) on Twitter already shed light on this. IHS Market (won best marketing research firm award) placed Xbox at 40 million like 5 months ago

    Little trash troll

  • nightrob (:

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