Top 5 PSVR Games for 2018

The Sony PlayStation VR has faired better than others in its category. In fact, a few months back, Sony celebrated PSVR’s milestone of 3 million units sold worldwide and the upcoming lineup of PSVR games only serve to entice more users to get a headset.

So, here are some of the best VR titles released this year that should definitely be on your play list.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

It has only been a fews weeks since Astro Bot Rescue Mission’s release, but it already received numerous positive reviews. Not only because it stars the cute robots from the Playroom series, but also because its gameplay is refreshing. IGN’s review stated that Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the best showcase of PSVR’s potential, because there is a lot of physicality involved. Aside from guiding an adorable little robot through platforms with the controller, the game also prompts you to move your head around to get the best view for your robot to move around. If you were never really interested in the PSVR, Astro Bot Rescue Mission may change your mind.


Here’s another platforming VR title with a charming protagonist. Moss follows the adventures of Quill the mouse as she explores a world beyond the confines of her home. After her kingdom was attacked by a fire-breathing snake and her uncle captured by the enemy, Quill sets out on a journey to defeat her foe and free her uncle. The game immerses you in a storybook-type narrative, and offers plenty of fun, challenging puzzles, as well as beautifully rendered environments. Unlike other VR games, the protagonist actually acknowledges the player’s presence and asks for guidance in battling enemies and traveling around the land.

The Inpatient

This game is a decent choice for those looking for an immersive horror experience. In The Inpatient players control a patient in Blackwood Sanatorium who is suffering from amnesia. You must figure out who you are and why you ended up in the Sanatorium. The game follows the branching narrative formula of Until Dawn, of which it is a prequel. That means there are many ways to end the story, and of course, many scares waiting to jump out at you. The only complaint is that The Inpatient’s playtime may be a little too short.

Gran Turismo Sport

Despite releasing holiday 2017, Gran Turismo Sport takes VR racing to the next level by introducing online arenas, making it the most accomplished VR racer, even in 2018. Instead of competing against bots, you get to race against players from all over the world. Its remarkable graphics and intuitive controls make people feel like they are actually on a racetrack. This is further amplified with the game’s latest update, which introduces a playable F1 car model for fans of the most prestigious racing competition in the world. Players can now play the game from the virtual seat of an F1 racing car. The game allows players to feel just like professional drivers in Formula 1 who also use VR to give them an extra edge when visualizing the track during real-life races. Gran Turismo makes good use of VR and allows players to experience the thrill of F1 racing in VR from the comfort of their couch.


VR shooters are often a miss, but Evasion manages to be the exception. It is a sci-fi arcade-style bullet hell shooter that’s best experienced with friends. Since the gameplay involves guns, you will need the PlayStation AIM controller. The objective is straightforward: save the human colony from swarms of invading aliens. You can choose from four different classes, each with its own features and playing style. While the progression could be further improved, the game overall provides a fun, kinetic experience.

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